Posted by: Angela Yarber | September 14, 2014

Angela’s Upcoming Events and Recent Publications:

Holy Women Icons CoverAngela is thrilled to announce that her fourth book, “Holy Women Icons,” is now available for purchase. It includes nearly 50 color images of her folk feminist iconography paintings, along with accompanying articles about the women portrayed. In addition to the book, original or commissioned icons are also for sale if you simply contact Angela for details (see the “artist” page). And now greeting cards are also available of each icon! Plus, you can also purchase a variety of prints by clicking here. To purchase the book or greeting cards, check out

A exhibition of her icons entitled, “Queering Iconography: Holy Women Icons from Sappho to Pauli Murray,” is currently on the display at the North Star LGBT Center in Winston-Salem. On Saturday, September 13 Angela offered an Artist Talk and was invited to return on Saturday, September 20 to speak again for the one year anniversary of the North Star LGBT Center!

On Wednesday, October 1 Angela is lecturing on “Holy Women Icons” at Ursuline College, as well!

Angela also offers retreats, sermons, lectures, conferences, exhibitions, and workshops related to her Holy Women Icons project. For more details, click here: Holy Women Icons Project Flier

Immediately following the publication of “Holy Women Icons,” Angela’s fifth book was released as a part of a sermon series on the Lectionary Year B. Tearing Open the Heavens: Selected Sermons from Year B is now available for purchase!

Believe Out Loud recently published Angela’s thoughts on the passing of Fred Phelps: An Excuse that Can No Longer Be Used.

dance in scripture book coverAngela is excited to announce that her third book, Dance in Scripture: How Biblical Dancers Can Revolutionize Worship Today is officially available for purchase through Wipf and Stock and!  Her second book, The Gendered Pulpit: Sex, Body, and Desire in Preaching and Worship was published in April 2013.

Jann Aldredge Clanton recently interviewed Angela about The Gendered Pulpit and her work with the feminine divine in art, preaching, and scholarship.  You can check out the interview here.  And Believe Out Loud also featured The Gendered Pulpit.the gendered pulpit cover

Angela is also a monthly contributor to Feminism and Religion.  Each month she features a woman from her Holy Women Icons paintings and her most recent article featured Tiamat/tehom.

Angela’s book, Embodying the Feminine in the Dances of the World’s Religions, was published through Peter Lang Press in November 2011.  It’s also available at Amazon.

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